Where does violence begin was the core question of this body of work. In looking at this issue, I began to hone in to the moment a girl has her first menses, becoming the moment she is now fertile to create new life. A life of a child who could potentially never know violence. But given our world, the chances any given person could grow up without ever being touched by it,is close to nil.

I began researching traditions around the world regarding a womans menses, from the Eskimos, to Jewish traditions, western ideas etc. The aspect that a woman sees blood every month seemed somehow to tie back to my point in so far as every month something dies inside , a potential, a part of us that did not come to fuition one could say. To be ever the possibility of new life on earth. She touches  blood and a sort of death continually, emobodying the metaphor time after time.

I looked at it from the point of view as well that the majority of death and bloodshed has been created by our brothers, fathers, husbands, sons, as women burry them, bear them, marry them, look up to them, love them, nurse them.

Hoping to gain a deeper understanding on the question, this body of work touched base for me.

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